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Due to various reasons, you may fail to obtain and insurance cover when hiring a limo for self-drive. In the event that during the drive you are involved in an accident, the problems and legal tussles that follow can overwhelm you and they may even force you to seek help from adoption agency insurance in a bid to cover some expenses. You can never predict what will happen once you hit the roads, and this is why you should get the right car insurance. In case you fail to take the policy, you expose yourself to the following risks


When you drive a car without insurance, understand that in case of an accident you cannot sue for any suffering and pain experienced during the accident. Lack of insurance cover places you in a difficult position because the law cannot consider your case even if you file a complaint. Actually, at this point, most people who find themselves in this position often rush to adoption agency insurance to seek help.

Medical Bills

No one can pay your medical bills if you were involved in an accident and you did not have insurance at the time of the accident. This frustrates uninsured drivers especially those who intended to drive just for a day. Regardless of the extent of physical damage, the law cannot assist uninsured drivers with medical bills.


When you get involved in an accident and you do not possess an insurance cover, know that you must bear full liability of the damaged vehicle. Imagine paying for a limousine that you wanted to drive for a day and the damage such payment can do to your account and your future financial plans. Regardless of the reason for the occurrence of the accident, the law provides no consolation to uninsured drivers.

Other Risks

As an uninsured driver, when an accident happens, the law can hold you personally liable for the damages, suffering, and pain of another person. Secondly, the law can hold you personally liable for the medical bills of the third party. Thirdly, the law can find you personally liable and require you to pay for the damages incurred by the car belonging to another person.

In case the other person loses his or her wages due to the accident, the law can hold you personally liable for the lost wages requiring you to pay for the same. On top of that, the court can sentence uninsured drivers to jail for a period that does not exceed twelve months and additionally, the courts can revoke or suspend the driving licenses of such drivers.

Final Remarks

The above risks include some and not all the risks uninsured drivers face every time the drive without an insurance cover. If the law finds you liable for all the above crimes and declares that you must pay for all the crimes, you could easily spend the rest of your life and earnings paying for damages you could easily avoid in the first place. Stay safe, ensure the safety of the other road users, and get insurance today to avoid problems tomorrow.

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